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What is Culture Day and why is it important to Connected Freight?

"Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company" - Brian Kristofek, President & CEO, Upshot

A company’s culture can make or break any organization. Typically, an employee spends at least eight hours of their weekdays at work, eats at least one meal in the office and spends time with colleagues more than they do with their friends. In today’s working environment, it is crucial for employees to enjoy work and have values that are aligned with the company they work for.


Connected Freight recently launched its first Culture Day where all employees were encouraged to join the webinar to further understand Connected Freight’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Culture. It is a day for engagement, promoting the company’s way of life, and instilling an employee-first, collaborative, and performance-driven culture.

During the Culture Day celebration, food vouchers were distributed to make the activity more festive. As Connected Freight has operations in various countries and face to face interactions are still limited, social distancing protocols were observed in countries permitted to have such interactions while joining virtually via digital channels was the only option for other teams.

“It has been a collaborative effort by everyone - by the Leadership Team, and all members sharing their insights - on how we build and promote our culture”, said Nir Ten Bosch, Connected Freight’s CEO, as he explained how we landed with the idea of Culture Day.

At Connected Freight, we take pride in our employees because we believe that people should be the focus of every organization. We want to promote a culture that listens to the needs of their employees, hone their skills, and provide opportunities that will promote growth.


What is Connected Freight's Vision & Mission?

Connected Freight’s culture guides employees to achieve one vision & mission.


To create a positive environmental impact with our customers globally through an intelligent software platform that optimizes the movement of goods in simple, fast, and affordable way


To create a positive environmental impact with our customers globally through an intelligent software platform that optimizes the movement of goods in simple, fast, and affordable way

But how meaningful is it to make supply chain simple? 

Chief Technology Officer, Pavel Kudinov, elaborated that “supply chain is complex not only because of its processes but also because of the emission it brings to the environment. With our goal in optimizing deliveries through our optimized delivery services and supply chain solutions, we aim to reduce trucks on the road thereby, contributing on making a positive environmental impact."


What are Connected Freight's Values?

Connected Freight aspires to promote the values of Ownership, Simplicity, Agility, and Collaboration to its members and embody what it means to be part of our organization.

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 5.42.16 PM

How do we make sure that these values are promoted?  “We make sure that we recognize and reward employees for the efforts they have shown”, answered by Nir.

The Culture, Vision, Mission, and Values are deeply ingrained on the employee experience from hire to exit. We make sure that our values will guide us on how we assess applicants, onboard new joiners, engage and train employees. The Employee Handbook was also shared by Daryl Baes, Connected Freight’s HR Manager, to guide the employees on their day-to-day life.

To cap off, CF-branded merchandise will be given to all employees, including future members of the team, as a marker of their Connected Freight identity.

The Culture Day is just a start of many things on how we realize our commitment to bring the best employment experience. It is both a challenge and opportunity for us, and we are very much excited because we are doing it as a team! It is when we work together that we can achieve more . With this goal in mind, Connected Freight is committed to providing a great working environment where its people are happy and a place where employees will thrive.

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